Bon Appetit and Sex

by K.A.S.


I open up one of the six food magazines I have for my 5 hour flight across the country and the first thing I see is the editor’s letter titled, “It’s Ok to Cheat”. Now obviously, he’s is an editor for a major food magazine and is not talking about relationships. But the undercurrent tone of his words made me realize how “Ok” we’ve become as a culture with cheating. It’s estimated that 30-60% of marriages will be effected by infidelity. That’s a huge number!

I had just flown the previous 48 hours ago and struck up a conversation with a person sitting next to me on education. This conversation then led to other topics like our marriages and spouses, faith, children, and family of origins. It was in that moment, that I realized how easy it was for women to fall prey to emotional affairs. We did not to share contact information or last names although it would have been such an easy next step to make.

Instead, I chose respect, mindfulness, boundaries, and the sacred promise I made.

The world wants to see people fall, encourages the spirit of freedom but has no plans for when the sh*t hits the fan. This is the course of so many marriages in America, and more definitively, in LA. I’ve seen so many marriages disintegrate before my eyes because of this.

No one plans on cheating. They say it just happens. But as wives and husbands, we need to not take for granted the delicate beauty we hold in our hands. It’s a beautiful force. Our grip must never be too tight that we that break it, too loose or we’ll lose it. But with a gentle tenderness, nurture the very beauty that we first fell in love.