Raising a Family in Transient City

by K.A.S.

My girls had to say good-bye again to friends this weekend. They had a final day playing together on Friday. There was a not peep out of them while all 6 kids played so kindly together. As the day came to a close the hugged and waved their final goodbyes on the sidewalk as the car whisked their friends away. It’s not the first nor will it be the last.

We walked inside and they all had a good cry in the foyer – all huddled around their mama. Sometimes we forget that this transient city isn’t just full of people but those people have families with littles. That those littles have other small littles they call friends and that moving is hard.
We have experienced more loss of friendships in the past couple of years than ever before. Yet, how do I as their mama, instill friendship, love, and vulnerability in a town that will constantly let them down?

Other than role modeling for them, I’m not sure what the answer is. But I keep on putting myself out there, risking my comfort zone, and choosing love rather than fear. Whether or not they notice, it’s something we can talk about too. I can share from my scared and lonely place about what I’m trying to do in hopes that it instills in them a similar risk-taking.

I’ve noticed about all else, that all that sharing is helping to continue to form friendships I have with my girls. That when they are older and grown, all these conversations will have founded a friendship they’ll want when they’re all older too. And doesn’t it come down to that? Raising children and then being able to experience life with them as friends.