Katy Perry and Pizza

by K.A.S.

Pizza Night

Ah, the weekend!

A time of rest and fun, steeped in rich family traditions. One of them being, Friday night pizza in living room with a funny family movie. No plates or utensils – just our hands. The crumbs fall to my favorite rug and I shrug it off or the greasy hand stains get on the couch but thank God for microfiber. We welcome the weekend with dance parties too. Pump the music loud, let down our hair and just get crazy with the kids. Why are these times so important? Is it due to the food that most of the rituals revolve around over the course of the weekend, the family bonding that happens because of it, or the memories that will last a lifetime?

In a town where “family” is rare, misunderstood or even forgotten about, it’s important for my family to have moments where we all come together and treasure each others company. Because life isn’t easy. The constant ups and downs of projects moving forward or slowing down, the challenge of raising and providing for a growing family in one of the most expensive cities in the world, carrying the burdens of friends, late nights and early mornings, mean that sometimes the important things get forgotten about. But if you forget the most important things, you forget what matters most, and then what do you have?

So when the whole family is dancing like crazy monkeys in the living room to Katy Perry’s “Firework” on Friday night with the curtains open for the whole world to see, it’s a sign that we are leaving the week’s problems at the door and stepping into a different atmosphere.

Laughter rings loud, sun-kissed faces glow, and our hearts are full.

While this might not happen every weekend due to work (or, like this weekend, social) schedules, the point is that it is set in motion. We always fall back to it and work really hard to make sure that it is maintained.

It’s about moments and memories. Because let’s face it — what’s more important than dancing like crazy monkeys as a family?

I really can’t think of anything else.